Tropical Flowers And Floral Art Can Transform A Room

Living and working in Hawaii provides me with unlimited resources for kitchen backsplash designs ideas. Many of these ideas come from the abundance of tropical flowers in Hawaii. As a tile mural artist I have a unique opportunity to transform a room with tile murals with paintings of hawaiian flowers.

Hawaiian flowers landscape kitchen backsplash tile mural

If you have a passion for allowing nature to feed your imagination with ideas, I think you will enjoy this article about floral art.

The Magic Of Tropical Flowers And Floral Art

Imagine that you can control the mood in your home. The emotions that flowers impart are expressed within a painting. Select a painting and bring the mood you desire to any area in your house or office.

The positive expression of tropical flowers and floral art will transform a room. The color of flowers has the power to effortlessly change a mood. A red rose immediately connotes the feeling of love, a yellow daisy brings a joy, a lilac or lavender offers serenity and healing. Tropical flowers can add an exotic quality that is almost magical. Tropical flower art has the added benefit of transmitting the magical qualities of flowers without the time it takes to care and arrange cut flowers.

Paintings of tropical flowers can be realistic, or painted with an impressionistic style like that of Claude Monet. We’ve noticed that in many of our paintings of Hawaiian flowers, the size of the flower can have an abstract or even surreal quality.

tropical plants abstract paintingIn the office, a company may want to convey a “can-do” feeling coupled with prosperity. In that scenario, an abstract painting with green plant-like colors would be a consideration.

Floral art can appear in many variations of color, size, and groupings. You can decide what type of tropical flower art best serves your purpose.

Perhaps you want a conversation starter in a meeting room or entertaining area, or to be surrounded by the grace and elegance of pink bougainvillea petals as you prepare family meals in your kitchen.

Tropical Flowers Tile Mural Kitchen Remodel Honolulu

Beautiful Tropical Flowers Offer Kitchen Backsplash Designs Ideas

As a tile mural artist I am very grateful to have this unique opportunity to live among the beautiful tropical flowers of Hawaii. They offer many wonderful kitchen backsplash designs ideas as well as ideas for bathroom remodeling design.

What do paintings of Hawaiian flowers offer you? Do you paint? Do you write? Please feel free to leave your comments.