2020 – Trump’s Bleeding of America and Other Haunting Imagery

“2020” painting by Thomas Deir.

It’s been a difficult year.
Like so many Americans, my family and I have been deeply impacted by the issues surrounding the current President and the individuals who contribute to and enable his toxic and destructive practices. During this time I found myself drawing inward and worked on personal projects to help me process the rapid fire of events.

One project that I recently completed is 2020. The painting is a very powerful image of Trump, against a bleeding American flag. The flag contains the watchful presence of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an imprisoned child refugee, a haunting reminder of George Floyd and more than 50 subtle representations of individuals including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mike Pence.

In this post I’ve included supplemental images contains captions to help identify some individuals in the background. One image contains captions to better identify items in the background. The other two are details taken from my painting.

Painting with Captions
Trump’s eyes
Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The original painting is currently not available to purchase, however Giclee reproductions can be found online at https://www.thomasdeirstudios.com/collections/giclee/products/2020. Each giclee is unique with is unique with hand-painted embellishments and signed by me, the artist.

In these troubled times I find increased gratitude in everyday things I must never take for granted…

Thomas Deir
Kailua, Hawaii

What Are Giclee Art Prints? 

Giclee art print reproduction of the original painting on canvas
Paradise by Thomas Deir

At Thomas Deir Studios we value Giclee art prints utilize the process of high quality reproductions on canvas to reproduce original paintings on canvas.

We found an excellent article to explain what are Giclee art prints and invited the author, Bob Carter, to post it here on our blog. His article is below.

What Exactly Are Giclee Art Prints And Just How Will They Vary From Regular Art Prints And Posters?

Giclee art prints are top-quality reproductions. They are typically printed from a high resolution image with high-finish ink jet pigment printing on either an archival photo paper or direct to canvas. This process creates museum-quality reproductions that can last for a century under glass. Modern technology allows individual Giclee reproductions to print – eliminating the necessity to print large quantities at a certain size. This is a great benefit for the artists and buyers.

The combined effect of high resolution image and high-finish pigment produces a more eye-appealing and permanent reproduction than regular four-color process art prints or posters. Regular prints and posters fade and suffer color loss.

The word “Giclee” [pronounced zhee-clay] develops from a French word meaning “to squirt”, which is what an inkjet printer does if this produces a picture onto paper. High definition images on photo taking paper produced by an inkjet printer are known as an electronic pigment print.

To simplify this technical jargon and distinguish these top end reproductions from regular prints and posters, the word “Giclee” was created to explain them. Since giclee prints are located in lots of museums of art, the terms “giclee art prints” and “museum art prints” are often used interchangeably.

What’s The Distinction Between Giclee Art Prints and Regular Prints and Posters?

Giclee prints are produced on the top quality archival or photo taking paper utilizing a high-finish premium inkjet printer. They’re created individually creating a wealthy, refined picture of museum quality that can last for a century under glass.

Regular prints and posters that you just see on the web and in a few stores use less costly paper and so are produced in mass amounts. They are “placed out”, usually in levels of 10,000 or maybe more pieces per run. Several of these prints are available in China and go on for about 5 years, and then associated with feelings. Turn yellow in addition to their colors disappear.

As you grow into bigger size of 16″ x 20″ or greater, you’ll be able to really start to see the improvement in quality between giclee and regular prints and posters. Far, our eyes atone for this; however, if you move closer and do a comparison along, you’ll be able to instantly start to see the magnificent brilliance from the giclee. Really, if you look carefully inside a regular print or poster, you will notice that the appearance is blurred and detail sheds. Whereas a giclee print unveils a beautiful amount of detail, similar to what hi-def photograph.

So Why Giclee Prints Do Are More Expensive Than Regular Prints and Posters?

Giclee prints are more expensive than regular prints and posters due to how they are created. Giclee prints are created individually manually, while using finest inkjet ink jet printers and quality high-definition photo taking paper. Regular art prints and posters are mass created using machines that cut image after image on cheap paper that starts to deteriorate in five years or less.

Who’re Giclee Prints For?

Giclee prints are for those who have a discerning eye who value art work and museum quality craftsmanship. They provide vibrancy and enchantment for life, whether put into your beautiful home or professional office. Individuals who own giclee art prints enjoy their exquisite beauty and wealthy detail.

The article written by Bob Carter, originally appeared here: http://publishingempire.com/online-publishing/what-exactly-are-giclee-art-prints-and-just-how-will-they-vary-from-regular-art-prints-and-posters