2020 – Trump’s Bleeding of America and Other Haunting Imagery

“2020” painting by Thomas Deir.

It’s been a difficult year.
Like so many Americans, my family and I have been deeply impacted by the issues surrounding the current President and the individuals who contribute to and enable his toxic and destructive practices. During this time I found myself drawing inward and worked on personal projects to help me process the rapid fire of events.

One project that I recently completed is 2020. The painting is a very powerful image of Trump, against a bleeding American flag. The flag contains the watchful presence of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an imprisoned child refugee, a haunting reminder of George Floyd and more than 50 subtle representations of individuals including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mike Pence.

In this post I’ve included supplemental images contains captions to help identify some individuals in the background. One image contains captions to better identify items in the background. The other two are details taken from my painting.

Painting with Captions
Trump’s eyes
Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The original painting is currently not available to purchase, however Giclee reproductions can be found online at https://www.thomasdeirstudios.com/collections/giclee/products/2020. Each giclee is unique with is unique with hand-painted embellishments and signed by me, the artist.

In these troubled times I find increased gratitude in everyday things I must never take for granted…

Thomas Deir
Kailua, Hawaii